You Imagine,
We Build.

We're consistently looking for innovative ways to assist brands as they expand their businesses.

What We Offer

We position ourselves as the best tech partner for all of your requirements. creating new products, assisting with POCs, scaling your solutions, and integrating with your product/tech teams.


CTO/MVP as Service

Everything from ideation to building teams, sprint planning and growth hacks. PMF is the goal.


Tech Partner

Converting monolithic to microservices, establishing cross-region clusters, and other technological endeavors.



Offsite resources to assist and work with your technical, business, and product teams.

Build your product
β€œThe Mrikal Way”

  • Discover

    During our initial meetings, we hope to gain an understanding of the challenges you want to overcome, and our role in the process. Don't worry; it's all virtual!

  • Define

    As we define the objectives and results of your project, we collaborate closely with you to better comprehend the challenge and your audience.

  • Design

    Your product is more than simply pixels. Through weekly sprints, we create and iterate Wireframes, designs, and prototypes using our experience and a predetermined plan.

  • Develop

    We engineer internally in sync with our design process, create scalable architectures, and provide reusable and future-proof codes for simple product deployment.

  • Strategy

    We help your product continue to develop after launch by making gradual iterations in order to accomplish new objectives.


Bring us your vision, and together, we'll transform it into a reality.

We have the checklist you require to launch a profitable business with your product.

Fastest way to product market fit with high probability of success.

Increase customer acquisition and retention.

Maximize revenue generation opportunities.

Optimize resources, development time and costs.

Reduce troubleshooting and associated costs.

Get more insights from user engagement.

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