Mrikal is a multi-disciplinary studio that offers durable solutions and end-to-end digital experiences.

We are thriving at the intersection of design and technology, with a mission to inspire and be inspired.

Welcome to Mrikal !

About us

We listen, empathize and refine. We believe in a strong culture built on diversity and shared experiences.

We are independent service providers who are confident in the complementing nature of our skill sets. We believe in a team consisting of multi-dimesion skills to build shared success. That's who we are. We share a single identity and understand your need to create what you want and set you up for success.

“I Believe Everyone can start a business as long they love to do that and have obsession to create a solution for many people”

Kalyan Kuramana, Founder at Mrikal building a product studio for high quality product engineers and growth companies. Previously, he was CTO at Begig (Tech Mahindra garage venture), founded an edtech startup.

He has his expertise in building fact paced iterative MVPs, creating scalable architecture for growth companies and bringing personalisation and adaptability with self-learning algorithms...

How we lead?

We’re consistently looking for innovative ways to assist brands as they expand their business.


We drive results

Despite challenges and setbacks, we stay focused towards our goals.


We Collaborate

To accomplish common goals, we collaborate across the organisation.


We Innovate

We explore innovative methods to problem-solving and promote innovation.



We encourage quality coding so that our products are always reliable and scalable.


We Adapt

We understand that different problems may call for different approaches.



To reach new markets, we place an emphasis on quality and rely on innovation.


Build communities

We as a team share a purpose to continually finding better, more human ways to work.


User Experience

We build and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Sounds like a fit?

We could be the ideal product team you've been searching for.


Change the way you think, learn and execute.

We adhere to the fundamental principles to ensure proper modern engineering practices.

Loosely Coupled Architectures

The latest design trends meet hand-crafted templates.

Automated Testing

The latest design trends meet hand-crafted templates.

Trunk-based Development

The latest design trends meet hand-crafted templates.

Artifact Repository

The latest design trends meet hand-crafted templates.

On-demand Environments

The latest design trends meet hand-crafted templates.

Public Repositories

The latest design trends meet hand-crafted templates.

What we are about?

At Mrikal, we believe diversity powers innovation — because great ideas can and do come from everywhere.



Every solution we develop aims to make success more accessible to businesses. Therefore, if it isn't of the highest calibre, it isn't released.

Empathy, effectiveness, and innovation are the three guiding principles that guide our approach.



We collaborate across teams to develop our skill set and obtain a deeper comprehension of how product design and engineering processes coexist.

We as a team share a purpose to continually finding better, more innovative ways to work.



We assess ourselves based on our capacity to increase access to success, both inside and outside of our organisation.

To ensure a positive experience for both our clients and team, we rely on close communication.

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