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Paraspar is a RAG based plugin that allows users to chat with your projects at basecamp. It uses LLM and your projects as a knowledge base elevating the way you interact with your projects.

Seamless integration with Basecamp.

Explore base knowledge effortlessly to find relevant information.

Contextually aware to your unique projects.

Get answers, Instantly!

Reduce troubleshooting and associated costs.

Obtain project overviews, To-do’s, notes and more!

Usecases 💁‍♂️

From daily tasks to big projects, see how Basecamp users like you can make the most out of our product in different scenarios.

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Project and Task Management:

  • What is the current status of Project X?
  • Can you provide a summary of tasks completed in the last week?
  • Which team member is responsible for Task Y in Project Z?
  • Are all the deliverables ready for this week?

Employee and Team Insights:

  • What is the current composition of Team A in terms of roles and responsibilities?
  • Who in my team is best suitable for a project on React Native?

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